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  • Hello World – Idyllic Blog Post

    I started writing on the Internet back when free web space didn’t exactly mean you were going to be mined for personal data or be a content creating laborer for a giant multinational. For those with the adequate devices and Internet services, there was welcome space to test out writing skills, upload pictures or experiment […]

  • All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go…

    We could change the world using communication technology. We could change our communities for the better. We have all the tools that activist Fred Moore might have sought (for instance, Meetup provides groups and common interests a place to accumulate members, LinkedIn provides people a place to connect professionally across careers and interests, blogs are […]

  • Logging Out Of Facebook

    I’ve tried this once before with less resolve. But I’m closing my Facebook account in late November. I believe that technology is a tool, and this tool no longer works for me. The first time I resolved to close my Facebook account, it was after I graduated from college. Facebook emerged on some college campuses […]