About Me…

Hi, my name is Brian. I love helping people communicate clearly. Whether this is artistically through music or digitally through web media, I engage in opportunities to connect people in meaningful ways. There are many tools available to us, I believe that finding our voice and articulating our stories is still of utmost importance.

After freelancing for several years, in 2014, I began to learn more coding and web design through online courses. In August of 2014, I started working at a digital agency in St. Louis. My experience has immensely improved my skills and understanding of web design and development. I am eager to see where I can go with this knowledge.

I have been playing guitar for over a decade in amateur and professional settings. It has been one of the most fulfilling activities of my life. I’ve learned so much from playing with others, and I hope to pass along what I’ve learned to younger generations. Currently, I am the praise band director at a congregation in southern Illinois.

My interest in the Slow Food movement has led me to some amazing opportunities in the past few years. The idea of Slow Food can be simply explained in three questions: Is it good? Is it clean? Is it fair? A one-season apprenticeship and four years working for a local food grocery put me directly in touch with how pleasurable food is being grown in the St. Louis region with a commitment to our communities and the environment. I have listened to many stories from producers and consumers and shared them countless times. While I am not working in these capacities any longer, I am still telling the stories and asking the questions about our food system that hit home for everyone.